Kutaisi International University implements a program to finance student projects to promote the development of student life and educational environment.

The project can be submitted by an active status student at the University, a group of students, a student club or any student association.

The program provides funding for the following categories of projects:

Student Life Support Projects

Organizing cultural, creative and sports events, competitions, hackathons, festivals, student clubs and other activities on the territory of Georgia.

Student Educational Projects

Organizing student research projects, quizzes, conferences and preparing for the Olympiads within Georgia, development/implementation of professional development courses, etc.

Startup Projects by Students

A team of KIU students with innovative startup ideas that enhance student life diversity and promote a culture of collaboration can submit a proposal.


Any student of the University, regardless of citizenship, shall be able to participate in the activities carried out within the project;
The working language of the project activities shall be English or English and Georgian, except for foreign language clubs;
The activity/event should serve to diversify student life at the University and create an inclusive environment, raising and developing students' academic and professional skills;
The student shall be eligible to participate in the submission of only two projects at the time, and the project coordinator may be present in only one project.

What is required to submit a project?

Project application (see KIU Student Project Funding Application Form ST_FORM_004), which will provide information about the project initiative group, project objective, project description and justification, project implementation plan and schedule, expected results, budget for the project;
CVs for the project coordinator and members of the core team;
The project can be submitted in both English and Georgian;
The project application can be submitted to the following e-mail address:sgp@kiu.edu.ge

Project financial support

The project budget shall not exceed GEL 12,500, including income tax (20%). Projects that will have a co-financing component are encouraged.

For questions and/or consultations, please reach out to the Student Projects Financing Program team at the following email address: sgp@kiu.edu.ge