Kutaisi International University Holds an Event to Summarize the Results of the Year of the KIU School of Mathematics and Computer Science


Kutaisi International University held an event to summarize the results of the year of the KIU School of Mathematics and Computer Science. During the event, the winning teams of KIU Visual Math Fest 2022 were identified and awarded with the relevant certificates and prizes established by the University. Certificates were also awarded to those successful students from the same school who were involved in various Extra-Curricular Academic Service (ECAS) activities or participated in winter and summer math/computer science schools during the 2021-2022 academic year. Kutaisi Mayor Ioseb Khakhaleishvili, KIU  Rector Alexandre  Tevzadze, KIU Chancellor Magda Magradze, and the head of the Mathematics and Computer Science Program Manager Ramaz Bochorishvili presented gifts and certificates to students in a festive atmosphere.

Four winning teams/projects were selected as part of KIU Visual Math Fest 2022:

1st  Place Teams and Students:

Vectorial Art with Fourier Series

Team members:

Nikoloz Girgvliani

Nika Koguashvili

Luka Gogoladze

Out Of This World

Team Leader: Mariam Mamageishvili

Team members:

 Mariam Shonia

 Gigi Jishkariani

 Anano Tamarashvili

 Giga Samkharadze

2nd  place team and students:

Games and Their Theories

Team leader: Alexandre  Oniani

Team member: Nikoloz Tankvelashvili.

3rd  place team and students:

Fractals, Mandelbrot and Julia Sets, Mandelbulb

Team leader: Mikheil Dzuliashvili

Team members:

 Luka Gorgadze

 Demetre Shonia

 Zuka Kenchuashvili


 KIU Visual Math Fest 2023 and KIU π-Day Math Contest 2023 were announced for first-year students within the event.