Two-day Student Conference Held at KIU School of Management


On December 20 and 21 a two-day student conference on Economics, Business and Management was held at KIU  School of Management. The conference was attended by 24 second- and third-year management students. The conference was preceded by a long and arduous preparation process, which the young people coped with successfully, with the help of the academic and support staff. The students conducted research, prepared topics and addressed the audience. The event was moderated and led by Professor Natia Zedginidze, Head of the Management Program, International and Georgian professors  - Akaki Kheladze, Murtaz Kvirkvaya, Stefan Siris.

Organizing this conference has become a tradition at the School of Management and it takes place every semester. The aim of the event is to develop students’ research and presentation skills and to help them to acquire new knowledge through research and investigation. Before presenting at the conference, the young speakers went through several important stages, including: under the mentoring of international and Georgian professors, they prepared topics, abstracts, which underwent appropriate quality monitoring. It should be noted that as a result of the conferences, students develop a certain interest in the topics of future research, acquire knowledge and the necessary skills. And the experience gained in the process will help them in choosing and defining their future profession, especially with regard to concentrations,  in order  to better determine  in which direction,  with which concentration they want to complete the KIU management program.

At the end of the event, the students were presented with certificates.