Associate professor for Kutaisi International University, Dr. Ia Mosashvili is one of the leading in STEM, who implemented the cutting-edge courses of Digital Design and Embedded Systems in Georgia. In 2008-2010 she studied at the Kaiserslautern Technical University in Germany with the funding of the Volkswagen Foundation, after which she implemented the studied courses in Georgia. She organized the digital systems and remote laboratories. Since 2016, after completing a training course in the United States, she has been teaching Computer Engineering and Computer Science courses at San Diego State University (Georgia).

Dr. Ia Mosashvili collaborates with foreign colleagues for scientific research and has published scientific articles in Georgia as well as abroad. Under the supervision of Ia Mosashvili, 6 PhD thesis are defended in the field of computer engineering, and currently she supervises 2 PhD students in the field of information systems. Under her leadership, two Georgian students prepared and defended their bachelor's thesis at the Technical University of Kaiserslautern in Germany. Under the mentorship of Ia Mosashvili, students participate in various international events and win the prizes, including international symposiums, international student contests, science-innovation competitions (start-ups in STEM).

Since 2008 Dr. Ia Mosashvili has been involved in international programs and so far, she has implemented the EU and USA projects. She is currently the coordinator of 2 grant projects of Erasmus +, as well as the coordinator (Georgia) of the scientific grant "European Cooperation in Science and Technology" COST CA16226. Ia actively participates in academic staff mobility projects, she delivered the trainings and workshops in Italy, Slovakia, Greece, Turkey, Armenia. In 2018, she received the National Award for Vocational Education in the frame of the Millennium Challenge project.

Since 2017, Ia Mosashvili has been an authorization and accreditation expert at the National Center for Education Quality Enhancement. Since 2018 she has been actively collaborating with ABET Accreditation Group (USA) in the process of preparation ABET accredited programs in Georgia. She participated in the development of joint programs with European accreditation too.

Ia Mosashvili's teaching and scientific interests cover the following fields: Digital Systems and Digital Design, Computer Organization and Architecture, Embedded Systems, Internet of Things, Computer Systems.