Rector and Chancellor of Kutaisi International University Visit Chiatura Multifunctional Center


Alexandre  Tevzadze,  Rector of Kutaisi International University and Magda Magradze, KIU Chancellor  visited the Chiatura multifunctional center, familiarized themselves with the ongoing educational process in the technological space and met with young people living in the Imereti region. The Rector and Chancellor told the applicants about Kutaisi International University and presented the opportunities KIU offers to students.

Noteworthy is  that in the technological space of the Chiatura multifunctional center  preparatory programs for students in mathematics and computer science have been successfully implemented for the second year. The educational process is led by professors from Kutaisi International University, who share their experience in STEM with eleventh-  and twelfth-graders  living in the Imereti region. The technology space is fully provided with the appropriate equipment/conditions to conduct the teaching and learning process at a high level. Education is free and young people from Chiatura and Zestafoni have the opportunity to gain qualified knowledge.

Administrative Director of Georgian Manganese Teimuraz Khonelia, Director of Chiatura Multifunctional Center Natalia Pataridze and staff of the center were present at the meeting with the youth.

Cooperation between Kutaisi International University and Chiatura Multifunctional Center is aimed at increasing access to higher education for students in the region, the popularization of professions in demand in the market and promoting employment.