Chiatura Multifunctional Center and Kutaisi International University to start cooperation


Chiatura Multifunctional Center and Kutaisi International University have started to cooperate. The objective is to provide access to higher education, popularize professions on demand on the market and promote employment.

Imereti region youth will have the opportunity to enhance knowledge through Chiatura Multifunctional Center. In particular, develop necessary skills at an early age (during enrollment) to involve in scientific issues and critical thinking.

According to Natalia Pataridze, Head of Chiatura Multifunctional Center: "A Technology Facility will be established within the framework of cooperation between Kutaisi International University and Chiatura Multifunctional Center. This will contribute to the availability of higher education and, on the other hand, to the interests of young people in Imereti region in mastering high-paying professions. We believe this project will have a specific outcome by enhancing economic incentives indirectly.

Access to higher education, mastering demanded professions will enable the youth to find jobs in their own region, which, in turn, will prevent internal migration processes. It shall be noted that this is the first project of such scope implemented in our region involving establishmenet of a training base together with the University".

Within the framework of the project, prior to entering higher institution, entrants (students of 11th and 12th grades) will have the opportunity to enroll in the educational hub established on the basis of Chiatura Multifunctional Center and commence studies at the preparatory course. Kutaisi International University will develop a curriculum for them in the field of mathematics and information technologies. Entrants will be trained by the academic personnel of Kutaisi International University.

Kutaisi International University and Chiatura Multifunctional Center are starting cooperation with the aim to increase access to high quality education for students living in the region. We intend to contribute to the development of the region and support talented and ambitious young people by ensuring increased access to education in Imereti region. Another goal of the project is to interest more young people in science and engineering (STEM) being on high demand on the labor market. 

Within the framework of such cooperation, Kutaisi International University will allow the 11th and 12th graders living in the region to take the training program in mathematics and information technology led by university professors through Chiatura Multifunctional Center.

We believe this will serve as a new opportunity for many talented young people to get receive quality education and prepare for university enrollment. It is important for us to promote training of educated and qualified professionals in the region, resulting ultimately in economic development of the country" - Magda Magradze, Chancellor of Kutaisi International University (KIU).

In the course of the training, the entrants will enjoy continuous technical support from Chiatura Multifunctional Center. Imereti educational hub provides learning tools with computer equipment, distance learning as required and transportation for students. The Project is supported by "Georgian Manganese" company operating regularly within corporate social responsibility.

Teimuraz Khonelia, Administrative Director of Georgian Manganese: "Cooperation between Chiatura Multifunctional Center and Kutaisi International University reflects best example for young people to have access to quality education. Georgian Manganese supports the program at all stages not only through the multifunctional center but also during undergraduate studies at Kutaisi International University, implying financial support and future employment.

Our company always operates under corporate social responsibility and we are well aware as to how important it is to invest in the education of the next generation through access to quality education".

Registration for project applicants will begin on September 25. 11th and 12th grade students living in Imereti region, in particular in Chiatura and Zestapon, will be eligible to apply.