British Council and KIU Joint Project: English language preparation classes for high school students


The Kutaisi International University (KIU) and British Council collaborative study initiative, which began last year, has announced the admission of new students. The project's purpose is to provide English language preparation classes for high school students planning to apply for KIU in 2023 and 2024.

Kutaisi International University will completely sponsor the English language course, which will begin at the end of November this year. The British Council offers high-quality online English language teaching. Participants will be able to enhance their English language skills during the course. The project's purpose is to promote access to higher education.

The collaboration between KIU and the British Council on this program began last year, with around 30 students from the graduating class participating. Following the completion of the training course, the majority of the graduates received the highest scores on the combined national examinations, and 10 young people were admitted to Kutaisi International University.


English for your course:

The English language preparation course lasts 60 hours. Classes will be offered online for four hours every week. Within the course, study materials will be guaranteed . Over the course participants will improve their speaking and writing abilities, will enrich the knowledge of vocabulary and grammatical structure. Graduates will be awarded a certificate from the British Council.


Application form and registration requirements:

Applicants who are interested should fill out the application form (please note that you must have a Gmail email address to complete the application) or contact the British Council at by November 2, 2022.

Who is eligible?

The following criteria will be used to select course attendees by Kutaisi International University and the British Council.

To participate in the course and receive KIU scholarship applicant should be currently studying in 11th or 12th grade, be citizen of Georgia and should meet one of the following criteria:

1. Students who studied in general education institutions in the breakaway territories of Georgia

2. Students who have a deceased parent / parents

3. Students who are the children of citizens of Georgia who died and are missing as a result of conflict

4. Students who are severely / significantly / moderately disabled

5. Students who are members of a large family (with four or more children)

6. Orphan students who live in a state care facility

7. Students who are registered in the Unified Database of Socially Vulnerable Families and their family’s rating score is equal or less than 70,000.