Admission procedure includes Doctoral interview with the Doctoral Committee of the Program (e.g., Oral Examination).

Documents to be submitted to the KIU Doctoral School before the Doctoral interview include The Following:

  Support letter from prospective supervisors;

Research proposal (indicating research topic from the list of topics of the Doctoral Program);

  Curriculum Vitae (CV);

  Proof of educational requirements:
  - Prerequisite Degrees for the Doctoral Program;
  - Academic Record of (GPA not Less than 2.5);
  - English Language Certificate (B2 Level), or language examination test ;
Relevant document(s) for the existence of a source of funding for doctoral studies or a request  for funding
   from the KIU
(see reference).

Master's degree certificate or equivalent and Diploma Supplement (electronic and hard copy)
Passport or ID card (electronic and hard copy)
Conscript's military ID or military ID (electronic and hard copies only for citizens of Georgia)

Note: Admission depends on candidate's position on the ranking list and on the number of places available within the program.