Before submitting the doctoral dissertation, the doctoral student is required to accumulate at least 15 ECTS credits during the study.

Doctoral Term:                             6 Semesters (3 years)
Mandatory Credits:                      15 ECTS
Instruction Language:                  English

ECTS Scheme for Doctoral Program

Teaching Subjects:                       2 ECTS (Teaching 1 ECTS hours per week)
Student Tutoring:                          1 ECTS (Tutoring 2 hours per week)
BSc Thesis Supervision:               2 ECTS (Individual-supervision)
                                                      2 ECTS (Co-supervision)   

MSc Thesis Co-supervision:         2 ECTS    
Student Mentorship:                      1 ECTS (Supervising Internships,
Student Conference Presentations,                                                                       Student Club Supervision, etc.);

Soft Skill Seminars:                        2 ECTS

Maximum ECTS per semester:      6 ECTS

Mandatory module:                        Teaching Subjects;

Note: Doctoral student may request additional semesters for the completion of doctoral studies, subject to the approval to the doctoral committee.