KIU Doctoral School supports only a research-based cumulative format of PhD Thesis. This means that the dissertation should be based on the peer-review papers by doctoral student according to the university doctoral standard. The key scientific results presented in doctoral dissertation should be acquainted to the corresponding specialists in the field through the referred scientific publications and scientific reports. KIU Doctoral Programs are based on a collaborative supervision model where doctoral applicant should obtain support from two supervisors:

1. KIU Professor (KIU Affiliation)
2. Invited Supervisor (International)

At least one of the two supervisors of doctoral student should hold a doctoral degree in a specialty that matches the degree awarded by the accredited program, while the other supervisor may hold a doctoral degree in a related specialty. Therefore, multidisciplinary research projects may be implemented within the framework of doctoral programs.

Note: Doctoral programs are developed in collaboration with TUM and TUM International. The program is accredited by the support of KIU International Advisory Board.

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