Program Name:   Finance and Information Management

Program Degree: Master of Science (M.Sc.) in Finance

Program Focus: Digital finance, financial management, information technology and financial mathematics in conjunction with entrepreneurial thinking and acting.

Program Goals:

The general goal of the FIM program is to educate competitive specialists in the field of finance and information management and enable them to carry out finance and information management activities independently in various sectors (public, private, and non-governmental), on top managerial positions on international and national levels. The program goals are as following:

G1 To provide comprehensive interdisciplinary knowledge in the areas of finance, financial economics, financial mathematics, and information management; to provide knowledge and skills on financial topics related to big data and data processing, data analysis and preparation with the help of information systems; to master empirical analytical work methods.

G2 To deepen the knowledge and skills in leading, managing and developing a wide range of business scenario on different industry levels, in different sectors worldwide by recognizing and designing efficient and sustainable financial, investment and risk management processes due to automation.

G3 To develop the attitudes and values that promote personal development and a link between practice and science in the field of finance and information management.

Program Concentrations

1. Quantitative Finance (QM),
2. Financial Management (FM)
3. Business and Information Systems Engineering (BISE)

Career Opportunities

Positions where FIM Program graduates with this specific requirement profile are needed can be found in:
* Finance industry
* Start-ups, especially in the so-called FinTech sector and Insure-Tech companies
* Insurance Companies
* Investment Companies
* Consulting firms that specialize in providing advice in Digitalised Financial Services,
   conceptual Software Design and Development.
* Health & Pharmaceutical Sector
* Computer and Data Science Sector
* Multinational Companies in distribution, production/manufacturing sectors
* The sectors that are dominant according to job forecasts for 2030