Language of Instruction



Note: Students can be provided with academic support courses in English language, in case of need during their studies at KIU.



-  Program developed in partnership with TUM and TUM International
   and approved by the International Advisory Board;
-  Program accreditation is equivalent to the Georgian accreditation.
-  Bid for international accreditation before the first graduation.


Program Goals

Graduates will acquire:
Goal 1: conceptual and operational understanding of selected core areas of mathematics
Goal 2: problem-solving skills including the computational and modeling ability
Goal 3: skills for efficient communication, critical thinking, and life-long learning 

Future careers in this profession

Should a student decide to enter into professional employment after concluding the bachelor's program, opportunities then arise in many different sectors. Mathematical methods are used widely in science, engineering, and business. Graduates can find jobs in private and governmental companies where mathematical modeling, analysis, and computer simulation is needed.

Should graduates of the bachelor's program decide to continue studies at the M.Sc. level, opportunities then arise in mathematics and other fields.



- Professors from TUM and other international universities from  abroad

- Seminars, projects and interactive teaching

- Access to worldwide library system electronically

- Modern and high tech infrastructure with state of the art facilities

- Individual, student centered approaches of teaching, establishing lifelong learning and continuous development practices

- Internship at national and international companies

- The program offers powerful combination. Major could be in mathematics with minor in computer science and/or managment.



School of Mathematics and Computer Science

Administrative Coordinator  

Mobile: (+995) 511 13 51 97 



Administrative Coordinator  

Mobile: (+995) 511 13 41 97