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Note: Students can be provided with academic support courses in English language, in case of need during their studies at KIU.



-  Program developed in partnership with TUM and TUM International
   and approved by the International Advisory Board;
-  Program accreditation is equivalent to the Georgian accreditation.
-  Bid for international accreditation before the first graduation.


Program Goals

Goal 1
The goal of the Bachelor of Science in Management program is to raise competitive specialists who will be able to carry out management activities independently in various sectors (public, private and non-governmental). 

Goal 2
Graduates of the Management program will be able to demonstrate:
a) A broad overview of the concepts, theories, and applications of management science
b) The insights to be creative and flexible to generate and apply critical thinking
c) Readiness to lead and manage in a wide range of employment scenarios
d) The analytical and non-analytical tools necessary to address a wide range of management  problems
e) The entrepreneurial, management, leadership skills necessary to compete in a complicated, dynamically changing   global environment
f) Skills for independent lifelong learning

Goal 3
Graduates will demonstrate extensive theoretical knowledge and practical skills in one of the functional areas of management: finance and accounting, marketing, strategy and leadership, innovations and entrepreneurship, operations and supply chain management; economics and policy.


Goal 4
Graduates will be able to demonstrate a worldview and values that will make them competitive, highly qualified, socially and ethically responsible and committed to universal requirements.


Career Opportunities

Graduates of B.Sc. in Management program:
• can confidently work in industries at different levels of management (on strategic, operational or middle level management);
• work in various functional areas of management (ex. accounting, marketing, organization’s management, financing, controlling or personnel, operations and productions, economic and policy analysis), in any types of companies: public, private or non-governmental sector.
• can take leading positions on local and global level.
• can start their own entrepreneurship business and manage independently on micro or macro levels of owned business.


• Professors from TUM and other international universities from

• In addition to traditional lectures and seminars, additional teaching methods are using:

    Training sessions
    Active discussions, debates
    Project based presentations.
    Team and individual homework assignments
    Testing, peer review of practical exercises, case analysis, discussion-seminars, video presentation   seminars and simulation games.

• Online access to international library system
• High technology infrastructure with modern equipment
• Using individual, student oriented teaching approach, seminars and implementing lifelong learning practice
• Other Bachelor programs (Mathematics, Computer Science) students can choose additionally – Bachelor of Science in Management Program.
• Mandatory internship and bachelor project, that will be oriented on developing students’ skills development in management areas.

• Multi culture environment at KIU where the student will be able to become global level manager and with no barriers will be able to work at different organizations and cultures.
• Strong basic knowledge and skills in mathematics and statistics necessary to achieve the program concentrations' learning outcomes

Georgian and International professors. International Professors will be invited from TUM as well.



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