Prof. Dr. Wolfgang A. Herrmann

Welcome to Kutaisi International University!

Education develops human talents, and human talents shape the future of society. Universities play a key role in that they pave the way of scientific progress which, in turn, is pivotal for the cultural and economic welfare. Georgia reflects the eminent Caucasian heritage, but Georgia is also an important trade partner of Germany as well as a number of other industrially developed countries.

Backed upon my 24-years' experience as President of Technical University of Munich (TUM), I am glad to support the upcoming Kutaisi International University and to help establish international reputation in scientific research and technology. The basic concept of KIU aims at the interlinkage of local and international talent to make Kutaisi a stronghold of Georgian science and entrepreneurship to the benefit of the country and its prosperous economic future. The alliance with TUM should open new horizons particularly in engineering and to create new industries in the Caucasian area.

To this end, extensive student and faculty exchange with renowned international universities is considered a key issue of success. The study and research environment is to meet top-level standards to shape the profile of KIU from the very beginning. In fact, KIU faces the unique opportunity of gaining visibility where science, engineering and humanities meet. Therefore, a broad portfolio of disciplines will be designed such that they interact with each other. Both basic and applied research should coin KIU´s profile. Economic spin-offs are expected to result from this unifying approach.

Partnered with TUM International Ltd., the organizational frame will be provided upon which the academic contents can come to the fore. It is to be considered great luck that the financial prerequisites are available in Georgia in order to shaping a new, dynamic, avantgardistic university.

KIU is being designed for students who are willing to open their intellectual horizon to the world, gain experience also by joining foreign academic institutions, perform internships in international companies abroad and at home, and develop an entrepreneurial spirit to finally transfer their knowledge into new business.

Congratulations to the founders of Kutaisi international University, and good luck for the future!


Prof. Wolfgang A. Herrmann