Dear students



It is my great pleasure to welcome you to Kutaisi International University. Congratulations to all incoming students and the newest members of our community!


Our university has grown this year. Now, we have both, our new bright freshmen, as well as already experienced second year students – sophomores. KIU Entry exams where fairly demanding: more than 1800 applications have been received and around 23% of you have successfully passed the national exams or international student admission interviews. You have entered KIU family, which I hope will guide you throughout your future life and be something to be proud of - you are at your academic home.


This year we have admitted a group of top students in our country, and it is a great responsibility for us. We will make every effort to provide friendly atmosphere and all necessary services at KIU Campus to ensure that you can concentrate on your studies, develop your talents and interests to their fullest to become successful in your future professional careers. I hope you will enjoy your studies at KIU.


Today we start new academic year that is full of challenges due to the global pandemic state. We start the semester online, but plan to resume face to face teaching in October. I suggest you to use online teaching environment effectively, with the understanding of your learning goals and self-discipline. Study to get more knowledge, not just to pass the tests. For the first-year students this is one of the most important steps in professional development: use it wisely.


I hope the current year will be even more interesting to our new students. Now you can exchange your ideas and experiences with students admitted one year earlier, the first cohort of students at KIU.


Active participation of students in the academic life of the university is important. Our success will be measured by the achievements of our students. Set high goals and have global aspirations.  World is awaiting for new talents like David Hilbert, Alan Turing or Adam Smith.  


Can it be that it is you, starting your first steps in your university education, who will advance the science and affect the life of all mankind for the good?

I wish a successful new academic year 2021-2022 for all of you!


Alexander Tevzadze





Rector Welcome 2020