Prof. Bettina Marcinkowski holds a Magister Artium (M.A.) in American Studies and Organizational Psychology from the Ludwig-Maximilians-University, Munich. She got an ERASMUS scholarship for American Studies at the Université d`Orléans, France. In her master thesis she was focusing on „Portrayal of women in film noir“. She published several articles in Tourism Psychology (e.g. Flight Phobia, Jet Lag) and in Human Resources (e.g. Dual career, attraction and retention of international talents, gender differences in interviewing, personnel selection methods).

Bettina`s prime interests and current research projects in Human Resources Management are Diversity & Inclusion, Gender studies Employer Branding, Talent Acquisition, Talent Sourcing, Talent Management Selection methodologies, Organizational development, Leadership styles  International assignment strategies, Motivational theories.

Prof. Marcinkowski gained over the last 25 years extensive work experience in international, highly ranked companies of diverse industries (Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Information Technology, Construction & Transportation). Covering all aspects of state of the art HR management expertise, Bettina Marcinkowski is Vice President of Talent Acquisition at an international company in Liechtenstein. She is a charismatic leader of diverse, international and cross-functional HR teams and won several Employer Awards (Best Recruiter, Great Place to Work,Top Employer, Genderdax, Total E-Quality Diversity, MINT minded company). 

Bettina Marcinkowski is a certified Diversity Manager (Institute of Diversity Management), Train-the Trainer in behavioral-based interviewing, OPQ Trainer, Master Person Analysis, MBTI, NLP-Practitioner and Communication Trainer; Business Coach for executives and females. 

Besides her activities as organizational psychologist she takes a vital interest in almost all areas of health management, work-life balance methods and physical fitness activities.