KIU Celebrates International π-Day


Kutaisi International University (KIU) is hosting several online events to publically promote mathematics at its special international awareness day: the International π-Day. This special awareness day is celebrated annually on March 14, under an UNESCO resolution approved on November 26, 2019. Within this international framework, we conduct three highly motivating mathematical events:   

    · A mathematics competition for high school students
· A public lecture by the world leading mathematician Prof. Dr. Sebastian Walcher
· A ceremony to nominate the semi-finalists of KIU Visual Mathematics Festival


On March 14, the KIU School of Mathematics and Computer Science cordially invites high school students to participate in a mathematics competition organized to celebrate the International π-Day. For more details and registration, please click here.

On the same day, KIU hosts a public lecture as well which will be delivered by the world’s leading mathematician, Prof. Dr. Sebastian Walcher, RWTH Aachen University.
For registration and detailed information, please
click here.

Later that day, a ceremony will take place to nominate the semi-finalists of KIU Visual Mathematics Festival.

We are proud that KIU π-Day (Mathematics day) is internationally recognized by being registered on the interactive Map of the project of International Mathematicians Union.

For detailed information, please do not hesitate to contact us at: